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Our goals are to precisely define the nature of your eye problem and to initiate treatment promptly, whether it is medical or surgical. In addition to an eye examination, special testing may be required to determine your diagnosis and prognosis. We have found it beneficial for most patients to complete their examination and testing on a single day. For some, it may be necessary to return on another day for completion of the evaluation.

* Please call (425) 228-6262 to schedule an appointment.
* Click Here for Driving Directions to Retina Institute of Washington.

For Your First Visit

Arriving prepared to Retina Institute of Washington will ensure an easy and productive first visit. Here are four key points to help you get ready:

  1. Please remember to bring the following:
    • state-issued picture ID such as driver's license
    • list of current medications
    • your medical insurance cards and billing information and
    • sunglasses (rain or shine); your eyes will be dilated for examination and remain light sensitive for a few hours after the visit.

  2. If your medical insurance requires authorization to see a specialist, talk to your doctor and insurance company beforehand and bring an insurance referral.

  3. Plan for 1 to 1.5 hours for your first visit (follow-up visits are shorter) and, if possible, have someone ready to drive you home afterwards.

  4. Fill out the following forms and phone ahead with any questions or concerns however big or small; we want to make your first visit to Retina Institute of Washington as pleasant as possible.
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    Patient Information Sheet